The Dead Guise play Dead; as in the music of the Grateful Dead. The Guise are a covey of musicians living in the California Bay Area who have been profoundly inspired by the Dead's music. They interpret, in their own way, to recreate the special energy and spontaneity of a live Grateful Dead concert. The current line up consist of John Heffernan on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ken Younger on lead guitar and vocals, Bob Sicotte on drums , Ralf Anastasio on bass and vocals and Mike Mares on keyboards and vocals.

At the heart of the Grateful Dead is the incredible amount of energy that is exchanged between the band and the audience at a live show... And that's the inspiration of the Dead Guise-- to reenact that verve and share it with audiences who crave it.

While the Dead Guise are currently taking a break, some current and former members are now performing in the band called Easy Wind.

Now Playing Feb 11 at the Hayward Bistro, 9 pm

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Grateful Web Review by Rob Spilsbury

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