My first Dead show was in 1975, at Winterland, San Francisco. It was a benefit labeled "The Bob Fried Memorial Boogie" featuring Jerry Garcia and Friends; Kingfish; Keith & Donna; and the Mirrors. This was during the band's hiatus.

The show played the first version of "Help/Slip/Frank" with "Help On the Way" being a rare instrumental version. The Dead also played a real spooky Space into an instumental "Blues for Allah". Nice! I only have parts of this show recorded. Does anybody have a tape of the entire show? Yes? No?

The Dead's first official comeback was at the Great American Music Hall which was also an FM broadcast. Another nice tape which ended up as a Dick's Picks "One from the Vault".

I got to see them again at a series of shows at the Orpheum Theater, San Fransisco in 1976.

Just about every Winterland show I went to in 1977 was awesome. "Welcome to Thursday Night at Winterland"; you can hear me hollaring in the background of Dick's Picks Vol. 10 (along with a few thousand other people).

There was a Bill Graham store in Hayward where I would always go. Thats where I got the Closing of Winterland poster; Grateful Dead, NRPS and Blues Bros, a show where I lagged buying tickets and had to watch on QKED PBS channel 9, December 31, 1978. Damn! Home video as we know of wasn't available yet. Does anybody have a video of this show? Yes? No?

The Oakland Auditorium (Henry J. Kaiser Center) was the next best inside venue to see the Dead. The Greek Theater in Berkeley was a great outdoor place to see them. I admit, I've never been to Red Rocks though.

More to follow...

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